Founded in 2022
About us

Welcome to Maha, where tradition meets innovation in the heart of Britian’s rich brewing history. Inspired by the legendary export beers that once graced the tables of India’s Maharajas during the British East India Company era, Maha India Pale Ale is a celebration of heritage, flavor, and the art of brewing.

Maha traces its roots to a bygone era when the British East India Company transported fine ales across continents to quench the discerning thirst of India’s royal elite. In the spirit of those historic brews, we’ve crafted a contemporary masterpiece that pays homage to the legacy of the Maharajas.

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Enjoy Our Signature Food
The Essence of Maha

Maha is more than just a beer; it’s a tribute to the vibrant culinary tapestry of India. We’ve meticulously designed our India Pale Ale to complement the bold flavors and spices found in the diverse dishes of the Indian restaurant industry. It’s the perfect pairing for those who appreciate a premium beer experience with a touch of history.